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thecontrol group plays an essential role in this worldwide experiment in which a drug that has only been tested for a few months and WAS conditionally approved under the pandemic regulation and WAS administered to all people on this earth. This drug deeply interferes with our operating system: it manipulates our cells to produce spike proteins. This alters a small part of our huge immune system. Yet nobody knows what exactly the effects of this intervention will be, what the exact reactions of the immune system will be. There is also no knowledge of how the immune cells will be reprogrammed after this manner and how the reaction will be when they come into contact with a new virus. No one knows if there will be changes in DNA. In the same way, problems could arise in the next generation, that is, in the children who are still unborn. Maybe even the fertility of women and men will be disturbed – experts are still arguing about that. Nobody knows whether, for example, the number of autoimmune diseases or cancers will increase among the “vaccinated”. Only the future will show all this – and what if something goes wrong? That is the reason for the existence of the control group. It makes itself publicly available to find out whether mankind has fallen victim to as yet unrecognized developments or environmental consequences, or perhaps to this genetic intervention and the resulting new diseases. theControl Group takes up responsibility for our future, for our health, our children and the generations to come. We demand the legal recognition of the control group in this experiment. We demand equality with the recovered and those who participate as a verum group (vaccinated). thecontrol group is necessary, because without it there can be no meaningful scientific evaluation and assessment now and in the future to come.


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