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I take part

The primary goal of the monitoring is the anonymity of all participants – i.e. the definitive non-traceability of the person with the data entered.

Another goal is the quality of the data: for this we need real people who are interested in real results and therefore seriously participate.

In order to achieve these two goals, our IT has developed a system in which only the participants themselves generate personal access to their “own” data via a token in connection with a self-selected email address (different from the address at which you use the Token received, therefore anonymous!).

Whereas participants only receive the token through multipliers (doctor, alternative practitioner, therapist) so that people are known.

The multipliers receive “token lists” which they can distribute to patients and clients.

The survey

For a valid database within this monitoring it is important that you regularly take a few minutes for science’s service.

Our anonymous questionnaire is divided into two parts. In the first part, we ask you to provide one-off information about your health situation and your way of maintaining health. It takes about 10 minutes to fill out the form online.

In the second part, we ask you to briefly answer a few questions about your current health status every 14 days. If you have no new complaints, this survey takes less than 1 minute. Your reminder will be sent to the email address you have chosen yourself to fill out the form and will be logged in.

In the course of the monitoring, you and the public will be regularly informed about the state of affairs on the basis of evaluations of the collected data. So everyone can get an idea and evaluate for themselves.

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