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The controlgroupswarm

What if something goes wrong?

We are theControlgroup in this worldwide experiment in which a drug that has only been tested for a few months, and is provisory approved within the pandemic regulation shall be administered to all mankind on earth. The medicine that interferes with our cells’ operating system. It manipulates our cells to produce spike proteins. This changes a small part of our huge immune system.

  • Yet nobody knows what the exact effects of this intervention will be, and what the exact immune system’s reaction will be.
  • There is still no knowledge of the newly programmed immune cells’ reaction when they come into contact with a new virus.
  • Nobody knows if there will be changes in our DNA. Problems could also arise in the next generation, that is, in the unborn children. Perhaps even the fertility of women and men is disturbed – the experts still argue about it.
  • Nobody knows whether, for example, the number of autoimmune diseases or cancer among the “vaccinated” will increase. Only the future will tell us what’s in store for us- and what if something goes wrong?

Then there is us. We are theControlgroup. We are publicly available to find out whether humanity has become a victim of developments or environmental impacts that have not yet been recognized, or perhaps of this genetic interference and the new diseases that result from it. We take up the responsibility for our future, for our health, our children and the generations to come.

We demand legal recognition as a control group in this experiment.

We demand equality with those who have recovered and those who participate as a verum group (vaccinated). We are necessary, because without us there can be no meaningful scientific evaluation and assessment now and in the future.

It is in preparation to create a confirmation of participation for theControlgroupswarm, stating that every member can be identified as a group’s participant. That would initially be an ideal value, which we hope to enforce legally at some point (e.g. according to § 28c IfSG; german law).

In order to provide health data, we ask all participants in the control swarm to be part of the monitoring. We collect anonymously data about both groups: those with the so-called “vaccination” and those of the control group.

Thank you very much!

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